It all makes sense now… (DNA)

My parents email conversation about my recent future career idea…

Barbara Peterson wrote; 

Nope– wide eyed idealist need not get killed in Syria, although if she were to live through it, she have serious street cred…..

Bill O’Donnell wrote; 

Hey, she had an uncle who was a transvestite in Bootle, A mother who went to Israel during a war. An uncle who travelled through Afghanistan and Iran, another who made rafts of driftwood and sailed into shipping lanes, an aunty who travelled around the world on two dollars fifty a day, a brother who did China on less, and ate food that no one with a full shilling would eat.An uncle who was banned from two countries, a grandfather who took the odd trip to Central America in the fifties, a grandmother with the name Babula,if that does not scare the shit out of one, ( we should have named her Annie Tamburlaine) then what the fuck does? Another grandmother who buried two sons and a husband. Great grandparents who travelled to the USA alone at what sixteen?  Coal miners in Pennsylvania, farmers in N. Dakota. originating from The balmy climes of Sweden, Poland and Ireland? A great grandfather who sired another bleeding family in Australia, a great grandma who saved the farm. Another dragged a son out of a bombed cinema, another sired 15 kids and had a tattoo, in the 30’s!  Her husband was a steeplejack.    Who knows what brought about this thought. DNA maybe?   Am I the only gentle soul in this family?

Barbara Peterson wrote; 

Good point.  Guilty as charged on all counts!



Back to the drawing board??

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